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MTA Q&A: The Impact of COVID-19 on July Boards of Review (audio-only)

June 25, 2020

COVID-19 was a game-changer for many things, MTA's Member Information Services team—Director Michael Selden and MIS Liaison Cindy Dodge—joined by Shila Kiander Director, Mecosta County Equalization Department and President, Michigan Association of Equalization Directors and Rob Thall, MTA Legal Counsel, Bauckham, Sparks, Thall, Seeber & Kaufman, P.C. discuss how Executive Order 2020-87, granting a temporary extension of March BOR appeals, impacts your township. Find out how the challenges leftover from March Boards of Review spills into July and gain insights into the guidance offered by the Governor’s office as well as the State Tax Commission.

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